About Us


GARITRANSFER is a small and family-oriented reliable company that provides excellent services to its clients since 2008. Each day, all our employees strive to meet and exceed your expectations by offering you exceptional value for your money. We invite you and your whole family to discover the uniqueness of Adriatic with us.


10 years experience in RENT A BOAT and RENT A JET SKI

We are the No. 1 service point in Dubrovnik that offers a variety of exciting features and options ranging from jet ski and boat rentals. Please browse this website and check out an endless list of features that we offer.

  • Our exciting jet ski cruises have been described as rides on a sea in which you get to feel like a PRO with only a little effort. One interesting thing about the jet ski is – the more you use it, the more you’ll want to use it again. The thrill of riding at high speeds, while gallons and gallons of water just splash in front of you, cannot be compared to anything else. Our company owns a range of Sea Doo models, so your time of fun and excitement at sea is guaranteed, but again, we ensure that all the safety precautions are met. Please read the following tips before you head out onto the open sea.
  • There is nothing like a joy of riding on the open sea on a tranquil day in Dubrovnik. Our fleet of boats allows our guests the option of relaxing on the reefs, fishing, scuba diving or simply cruising the crystal clear blue waters of the Adriatic sea. Ribs, our fisherman’s boats range from 16 to 22 feet in length. They feature a center console with Bimini top, and / or T-top, and are well-equipped with a sundeck, fridge, fishing gear while following all the safety requirements. Our clients may choose to rent a boat with or without a skipper.


Hi, my name is Nikša and I am the author of these pages. I am also the company’s general manager, so whatever you see presented on these web pages is the most realistic representation of what we actually do here.

We take internet communication as a really serious matter and we believe that our web pages have to provide you with the most accurate and authentic information regarding our services. Please browse through our pages and check out everything that we have to offer. Also, please read our BLOG. I am making a special effort to bring you the funnest things that we do around here. Whether it is someone’s special experience, whether it is about our future plans, whether it is about the specifics of our equipment or even the proposal for the best rout to take.

This is a family-run business and we take pride in our family values with which we run this business. You can ALWAYS give us a call, and ask: “Please can I talk to Nikša,” and I will make myself available to talk to you and to tailor the sea-ride of your life.

We have been in this business since 2008, so we have a significant experience in nautical tourism. We already know what are the most popular routs, and we can even recommend you a trip if you are not sure about what exactly it is that you want.

Meet our team

Our company for renting out jet skis and boats  was established in 2008 by the following family members – Nikša Perović, Željko Perović. We started our business operations in early June of 2008 and now we have three full-time employees and two additional part-time workers hired during the season.

Please feel free to contact us because we want you to feel welcome here. We will provide you with the best option for spending a fabulous day in Dubrovnik.

Nikša Perović
General manager, mag. ing.
Paula Klokoč
Marketing & Customer support

Why Choose Us?

Come adventuring with us! Explore the wonders of the Dubrovnik, its surrounding islands, and countryside.

Our own maintenance
We have our own service facility and we are able to keep everything in perfect condition.
Daily private tours
All excursions are private and completely tailored to your wishes. There are no other people. You can freely choose where you want to go, how long you want to stay etc.
24/7 Online booking system and great CUSTOMER SERVICE
You can send us email at any time and we respond as soon as possible.
GPS tracking
At any point in time we know exactly where you are, so in case of any possible problem, we will quickly and easily locate you.
Emergency help
We are on stand-by at all times. We come to you and fix the problem.
NO driving licence is needed
We do not have to check your driver’s license. You can go ahead and rent with us without one.
Pick up and drop off is included in price
We arrive to your desired address (hotel, apartment) by car. This is included in the price.
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Short term rental agreement
You need to sign only 1 page which includes a clause that your drive at your own responsibility.