Our business values (by Nikša – company GM)

Although Croatia is a wonderful country to visit and is one of the world’s hot spots for vacation, we have to be realistic and admit one thing to ourselves. Croatian businesspeople still have to work on their skills of professionalism, work dedication and ethics in general. The reason that I mention this is because we are aware of these things and here in Garitransfer we understand these areas of business as something of vital importance. We consider ourselves a new breed of young Croatian businesspeople who are dedicated to professionalism, high ethical and moral values as well as the amount of time that we spend at work and how much of ourselves we invest in it. For example, sometimes during the summer our work shift lasts for 17 hours. You are probably wandering how can we work so much? The answer is simple: WE LOVE IT! My personal philosophy is that if you are doing something with love, sooner or later you will have great results because that what you do, you do with dedication, you invest tons of hours to achieve perfectionism and the most important thing is – you feel like you are not even working. You feel very liberated when you are doing the type of work that you do. This is how we are with jet skis. We are absolute fanatics for jet skis and now we want to share this experience with a larger audience. How are we doing it and achieving great results? First of all our focus is to have excellent equipment and top-notch quality service, as well as unique tours and dedicated customer services. With this approach it was easy for us to create a group of old customers and get new one’s through the word-of-mouth. Would you believe if I would tell you that some of our clients actually come the following summer and bring their friends with them? Yes, and thank you for this trust that you have in our business operations. The backbone idea of our business is to go above and beyond in providing service to our clients. Every client must get the value that he or she paid for, and our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way. I myself am not much of an internet guy because I like to spend my time outside on the sea or near the sea, but I decided to start maintaining this blog in order to communicate with our future clients and to give a clear idea about who we are, what we do, and how do we go about realizing your and our dreams. We do this by loving what we do, by paying attention to each and every client that we have. As a matter of fact, some of our clients even became our close friends. We even planned a winter vacation location together for this year. Yes, after many 17-hour shifts I guess our vacation is well earned, so when you come to us we understand you and value your time because we also work a lot and when our vacation comes we want to make the best of it.