Jet ski safety and what safety services we provide


LJ20003As opposed to other blog topics which I have written so far, this one is much more serious. It deals with safety on the sea. We don’t want to get you scared when reading this, but just to create awareness that you should be cautious. You should approach your jet ski and boat trip with safety concerns on your mind. Here is the good news. With exception to just minor technical difficulties (such as running out of gas, or forgetting a life jacket in one of the bays) we luckily never had any safety issues. I guess this also has to do with us being blessed and getting clients who seriously approach this fun and crazy activity. What you also have to know is that you are in good hands in case anything happens. We are well aware of this issue and we are on a stand-by for help 24/7. When the summer season starts, in addition to my brothers, we also regularly hire additional season-workers helping us out and following your activities during the whole time. Let me just point out that in case we would have something unexpected happen, in a worst-case scenario we would located you with our GPS system and take our watertaxi and meet you there. Also, during the whole season we have emergency staff available and all the procedures rehearsed. As I mentioned, luckily, we never had something bad happen. But it is good just to keep in mind that you never know. Our watertaxi is a little speedy boat that can reach you very fast wherever you might be located. One thing which we will not allow you to do (and we understand this very seriously) is to even sit on a jet ski without wearing a life jacket. Life jacket, life vest or life preserver, how it is generally called, is this little piece of equipment which will provide you with all the confidence on the sea that you might need. The best thing about it is that if you fall off a jet ski, you will keep floating on the water. Without actually using your hands and feet you will just be floating on the water. If you would ask me, you can even use a life jacket on a sandy beach and have fun with it.

We always say to our clients: “As soon as you hit the sea with your jet ski and see how easy is to drive it, please don’t become cocky and become reckless with it, thinking that nothing bad can happen. Please always be aware that there are other drivers and riders on the sea, and if case anything would happen, you always have us that you can contact and who will immediately come and assist you in case anything bad occurs.”