Jet ski video adventure “Gari introduction” explained

If you still don’t have enough information to make a decision should you go on a jet ski trip please check out our “Gari introduction” video. This 1-minute edited work will show you a glimpse of what to expect on your jet ski tour. First, you will have the opportunity to see Dubrovnik from a helicopter shot and see how beautiful this region and the city itself in reality are. What I want you to focus on right away is the fact that on this wide blue sea you will be driving our jet skis, and you will be enjoying your ride. The next clip in the video are the islands. Please check out the beauty of those intact islands. You will be jamming the surface of that sea by riding the waves very close to the island. But please be careful. When you drive near the islands you have to watch out for the people who are possibly swimming in a distance, so you must lower your speed an additionally be cautious. Nonetheless, when you are watching this video the point is just to imagine what you will be doing in reality once you hop on that jet ski. Right after the shot of the islands, is a shot of the bay. You can see a little harbor there. What you need to know is that there you can also eat something at a local authentic restaurant. Trust us, the best thing that you can do after a 2 or 3 hour ride is to come to a local restaurant and eat “Brancin” or “Škarpina” fish with potatoes while having a glass of authentic local wine. In a clear shot in the video you will see that our jet skis’ brand is Sea Doo. This is a premium jet ski brand in the world, and we are proud to offer you a product of such quality. My favorite part in the video is when you can see how close to the boats you can drive, and how close to the sea you actually are. In the video, you can also see how we take care of our jet skis – that is, how we service them. But don’t worry, in one of my next blog posts I will post a few pictures about how we service our jet skis and tell you a little bit more about that aspect of our job. If this video is not enough for showing you how fun it actually is to ride a jet ski, then please refer to our image gallery. We have plenty of images there of our satisfied customers.