Robert’s story about his experience

The following story is Robert’s story who we asked to please give us a recommendation and in more detail explain what a trip like this meant to him and his wife. This is his response. This is an English translation of his Spanish reply: “Hi! My name is Robert and my wife is Virginia. We both came from Spain, Madrid to see this beautiful land that everyone is talking about – Croatia. Since we travel a lot, we were aware of the fact that we will probably not come back to Croatia again because our next trip is Egypt, and then Bangkok and our goal is to travel and see every hidden place in this world. When we come to any country the first thing that comes to our mind is the idea how to have the best and most unique experience possible. Of course, agencies provide us with a good idea what to do in Croatia, but there are always things that you discover on your way. When we came to Croatia we didn’t even think that we will use a private boat to go around islands, it was actually a matter of coincidence. We visited Dubrovnik and there were flyers at tourist information center available. One of the flyers was from Garitransfer. When we glanced just the front page of the flyer and the jet ski and on the last page boats we looked at each other and knew right away that this was something that we wanted to do. On the front page there was a jet ski with a happy face skimming the waves and the last page their boats. We called right away and Niksa was the one who answered the phone. He explained in detail everything that we wanted to know, which is kind of unusual for this region, because you will not meet so many professional people like Niksa and his brothers. We came to the spot and we made a plan. Zeljko was then the one who took a charge of explaining us what are some of the things we might be interested in, but he did not want to ruin the surprise for us, so he just asked us to trust him on the choice of the locations which he suggested. We did! And this tour was absolutely amazing. It was surreal, and unbelievable. I was not aware of the fact that this ride was 10 hours of pure adrenaline rush. It was definitely something that Virginia and I never experienced before in our lives. And it was definitely a unique experience. In one country we took a ride by a helicopter, but even the excitement of that cannot be compared to the adrenaline of driving a boat at high speeds and checking out the wonderful islands. Simply incredible. We highly recommend not only Garitransfer but Niksa, Zeljko, and Florijan as our new good family friends.