The GPS and jet ski control

This blog post might contain a little bit more technological terms than the other one, but I will try not to bore you with them, but just to specify the most important things when it comes down to GPS tracking. Our jet ski GPS system allows us and you of course to have the complete control over the rented jet skis. We can track several jet skis at once, and we are able to see your engine status, speed, location, and heading. Within this advanced computer system we can create historical tracking information and even have graphically reconstructed all routes and events on a specific day of activity. From it, we can extract interesting information such as the duration of the trip, miles, average miles, your maximum speed and the stops that you made on your route. Our GPS tracking system also offer automatic engine immobilization in case you end up in some sea areas that we consider unsafe for you, and where we believe that you should stop and not go any further. Of course, this is something that we inform you about prior to the trip. After the engine is shutdown, this system automatically sends us a message with all relevant information. The restart of an engine is possible when we send you back an SMS from our location. With our GPS system you also have an SOS button in case you cannot communicate with us for whatever reason. Our GPS system, prior to shutdown, will inform you with a beeping sound of automatic engine shutdown unless you take a different route or for whatever reason. This GPS system is totally revolutionary in this industry and it is probably one of the biggest competitive advantages that we have over our competition. With our GPS system you have total control of the use of a rented jet ski. Your safety is raised to a highest level of your personal security, and for us this means money and time saving… which of course means lower prices for you that we can offer you. Please take a look at some of the photos that I attached to this blog of our GPS system and this is something that you will have available because it is the latest piece of technology available. If we could summarize our operations in one short sentence we would say like this: “Safety come first!” and we are very, very serious about it. That is why probably, in 7 years of our business operations that we never had a safety issue within our company.

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