What our clients say about experiences?

First thing that I have to mention is that a trip that you will take on a jet ski is a multi-dimensional experience. The reason why our clients are constantly satisfied and they come with these larger than life emotional experiences after a tour is the fact that their mind can imagine only a bit of the tour that they chose for the first time. Why is this? The experience that we offer you is really a once in a lifetime experience. It is unique and genuine, original. So obviously if this will be your first time to go on a tour with jet ski how can you imagine all the unexpected beauties that will mesmerize you. For example, I bet this what I will tell you now is something that will be totally new to you – something that you could not have imagined on your own. Do you know that if you are lucky enough you will actually be able to see dolphins swimming by your side? Or maybe, when you are passing near a larger boat other tourists will be waving to you, I guess in envy of your situation. Or maybe the fact that the adrenaline rush that you will be feeling will not only last for a second, but during the whole tour. Having a jet ski tour is nothing like a slow kayaking tour where your vacation is intensive, where you have to use your force and get tired by the time your reach your goal. Jet ski tours are, if I may freely say, a once in a life-time “spiritual experience.” There are only so many experiences in your life that come to your mind when you mention “adrenaline rush”. Well, jet ski tours will definitely be one of them. Now let me point out some statements that clients make right at the moment when they come back from a tour, and when we ask them: “Hey guys, so, how was you trip?” They usually reply like this: “Nikša… I am speechless and in awe of what I have just experienced in my life. I would have never thought that riding a jet ski was so much fun. And this Croatian coast, the islands, the nature… I mean it is like being in a fairytale or something. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. I mean, I have been to Greece, Malta, Tunis and other places, but this is just amazing. Maybe it has to do with the fact that on other trips we went sightseeing by boat, but to go on a jet ski I guess I will have to go back to those other countries and take jet ski tours there, so I can really compare the coasts. But this is something simply amazing!” And here is one more other comment: “Oh yeaahhhhhh Nikša…. Wooooohhhuuuuuu….. Now that was money well spent. That was beyond… gorgeous… amazing… What should I say dude more?”