Who we are? The story about three brothers

Hi! My name is Niksa… and I am the brain of the operations 🙂 I am just kidding. I am just the one who is writing this blog, and all three of us are the brains of this operation. In this blog post I would like to tell you a little bit about us. I don’t want this to be a long and boring story about our lives, but just so you get an idea what we care about and who we are before we formally meet once you get here. Zeljko, the director, is the first one in the family who fell in love with jet skis. I remember, it was sometime in the year 2000 when he started putting posters of jet skis on the walls of his room. Usually, you would expect younger people to put images of Hulk Hogan, Batman, or Michael Jordan on the wall, but NO. Zeljko fell in love with jet ski rides from the beginning and he didn’t plan on hiding it. At first we didn’t understand why does he enjoy it so much, but as time went by, sometime in the year 2002 or 2003 I got my chance to ride a jet ski from my friend. When I tried it, I said to myself: “Wow! This is so incredibly cool!” But since that time, some time passed and Zeljko gave me a call saying that he is tired of his everyday job, and that he wants to do something different, something what he can enjoy actually doing, and also something that he believes is in demand in this region. And that would be jet ski tours. The year of the phone call was 2006 and for the next two following years we worked really, really hard to secure the location and the financing of our idea. Once we had everything ready, we registered in 2008 our company. In the beginning of the project it was only Zeljko and I who were involved. Later on, our third brother Florijan joined us. I mean, for him, this was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Florijan is much more serious person than all of us. We call him “the technician”. It is incredible how fast he understood the jet ski world. It probably has something to do with his engineering background. He is actually the one who is pushing the technological standards. If I could somehow describe all of us in one word it would be like this, Zeljko is the visionary, the one who knows what he wants to offer to our clients. He wants a unique and customized experience for our clients. He is the one who studied the natural beauties of this area first because he loved travelling with his friends by bike. I am the operation guy – the manager. I am the one who is making sure that everything is organized well. I am the one who is making sure that at any point you have the best service available and that everything is running smoothly, and Florijan is the one who is taking care of the technical aspects. He is the technological wiz. And this would be our short story about our family business 🙂