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Explore Dubrovnik by Garitransfer boat | Private boat tours Dubrovnik

“Mom, when are we gonna’ go to Croatia and swim in the sea?!”, “Dad, I always wanted you to teach me how to drive a boat!”, “My lovely wife, I take you and our whole family to a vacation in Croatia. Not just that we are only going to swim, but we are also going to drive a boat. Yes, a real boat!”
Maybe, you are a father, a mother, a child, a grandparent, a serious businessman, a young couple looking to go on an adventure of your life. If you made a decision to come to Croatia, this is something that you must take in consideration: enjoying a wonderful vacation in Croatia is nothing without getting on your own boat and checking our beautiful coast and some 1.000 islands that we have.

Some islands have no forest, some have plenty of it. Some have small bays with wonderful hidden sandy beaches, some are just rocks. But whatever your eyes want to see we have it here.

Names such as Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Beyonce & Jay-Z have all come to visit our coast and enjoyed it thoroughly. But, guess what? They did not come by car. They did not come by airplane. They came to our country by boat. Yes, by boat! And why? Because they wanted to see everything that the whole world is talking about: islands, beaches, hidden bays, crystal clear sea – tranquility.

So, if you come to Croatia for a vacation and choose not to take a boat ride, you are missing out.

However, if we managed to relate to you and now you are looking for a place to rent a boat – charter. You came to the right place. We worked with 1000’s of clients. You can even check our reviews on Google and see how much fun people had. We understand you, and we want you to go back home with the best possible experience. We also understand safety issues on the sea, that is why we professionally equip our boats with all the equipment that you might need in case of emergency. Luckily, in several years of our operations, we have never had even the slightest emergency problem with our clients. O.K. The weather sometimes might not be the best, and the waves could be more challenging than usual, but if you let us handle your boat trip – we will do it professionally, because we love our job and serving our clients, we love boats and we love the sea.

One of the reasons that we get excellent reviews on the internet is probably the fact that we can provide you with the boats that are the most suitable for cruising the Adriatic. Please check out our gallery and make sure that you choose which ever boat you would like to have available for your trip. Also, check this out! We have water taxi! Believe us when we tell you that there are not a lot of water taxis in Croatia. Whether you choose to go on a boat ride with us or with someone else make sure that you have our phone number, so you can call our water taxi service in case you need anything. We want to be there for you. Do not forget our phone number.

In conclusion, please go over the boats available and check out the details of each one of them, and you will see that they are fully equipped with everything that you need. Everything! The reason why: we are true professionals and we want you to choose us for your perfect holiday.