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Islands near Dubrovnik You Should Visit

Travelling to the magnificent city of Dubrovnik will leave you speechless turning you into a storyteller for ages. But your stay there is incomplete if you don’t visit the islands nearby and witness that beauty. With a combination of rocky and sandy beaches, the cool breeze of these places will give great justice to your spending, and you will definitely want to visit again!


This is also known as the cursed island in some of the stories the guides might tell you. But apart from it, the beauty there is a sight for sore eyes. It has sandy beaches, huge parks and to top it all, the centre of Game of Thrones! It is always refreshing to take a walk on this beautiful island or maybe go for a swim in the Dead Sea. There are different boat rentals in the area, and you can take a boat taxi from the harbour in the old town. It takes about 10€ to go there.


Sipan is one of the largest islands in the Elaphiti islands. You can always go there to relax and have a peaceful vacation far away from the hustle of the city. It is not very crowded making it a good option for peace loving people.  There are 2 villages there Šipanska Luka and Suđurađ which has many historical monuments to see. It has a rich history. It is also a great place for jet skiing. Take a boat or ferry from the boat rentals services, and it takes about an hour to go there. Moreover, the ticket costs about €3.


This is the sixth largest island and has an interesting story.  It is thought to be the homeland of the famous traveller Marco Polo. There are museums and places dedicated to him which you should definitely check out. It has many beaches and spooky caves. You can go for a cave tour on this island and visit its villages and their rich culture. The ticket cost of the boat ride from there is about €11.


Mljet is one of the largest islands near Dubrovnik and consists of many things to do there like a Jet Ski or water boats. It can take you weeks to explore the entire area, but for a short period of time, you should definitely check out the National park or the inner island, St Mary. The island is beautiful because most of the part is untouched.

It has 2 gorgeous lakes in the middle which is a nice little spot to visit. There is an old Benedictine monastery as well where you can also go for a swim. The island Mljet is known for its wine, cheese and olives.

Mljet is also well known for its white and red wine, olives and goat cheese. To go there, either you can hire a day boat or take a fast ferry from the harbour.  It takes almost about 50 minutes to go, and the cost of the ticket is 4€ only.


The Lopud Island is part of the Elaphiti islands, which is famous for its rocky beaches, and you can just never get enough of the beauty. There are several boat rentals there, but you can also take a walk on the bay and just embrace nature. It is a great picnic spot for families or any small gathering. It has a rich history, and you will see the remains of churches and forts.

Like Lokrum, it also has a compelling story of the past where it was known as the island of sea-captains providing the city Dubrovnik, with many highly reputed seamen. There are many water taxis and boat rentals in the area for your ease from Lopud to Dubrovnik. From there, it takes around 45 minutes to go, and the tickets cost only 3€ which is just amazing!

To travel is to live and all these beautiful places will just warm your hearts and put your mind at ease from daily life struggles. So pack a suitcase and fly all the way to Dubrovnik!