General Review Of The Summer 2015

26-Feb-24 | Insights, Tour

Wow, what a fabulous summer did we have, and how many funny stories we can share with you. To be in line with our business practices we will not share all the stories, but only one that is simply “a must”. First of all, I would like to send special thanks to all of our clients this summer. We are so thankful for having a such nice, friendly, and polite group of people as our jet-ski clients. Roberto, we will never forget how you decided to hang out with us for a while because you enjoyed being around our jet skis and the general atmosphere that we had there. Veronica, thank you for your kind review of our services in our local newspaper when the reporters randomly stopped you on the street. I wish all the best to the Markowski family from Poland who had 100 safety issue questions and were at first a bit reluctant to go on their own to visit the islands.

But when they came back from a tour they were in tears about how wonderful a time they had and were so happy that we checked up on them every several hours. So, Nikša, how about one funny story now? O.K. Well the story starts like this. It was a wonderful sunny day, like 90% of the days that we had this summer. The water was calm and the wind was barely existent. On a day like this, when we are checking the location of our clients through GPS radar every once in a while, for security purposes, we are much more relaxed and easygoing about it. However, obviously like in every nice story, something has to start looking suspicious and get our heart rate going. This situation occurred when we did a regular GPS checkup of our clients. Everyone was on their way to the location that they scheduled however two jet skis were just standing together there on an open sea.

At first, for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes… Of course, our first reaction was to make a phone call on their cell phone. However, no one was answering. We hopped on our speed boat and got there in a few minutes. From a far distance, we weren’t sure if they were at all on those jet skis… as we were approaching the jet skis, we saw one empty so we thought that that must be some kind of emergency. And finally, as we got close to seeing and identifying the other person, our first notion was that one was trying to help the other and that the other person was wounded in some way. But, no! That wasn’t what was happening. What happened was that they were… hmm… making love… out in the open How about that for a great story? So you see, riding a jet ski is really an adventure, a unique and genuine experience – a way of life. Thank you.

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