Dubrovnik Tour – From The Perspective Of An American Tourist

26-Feb-24 | Insights, Boat

Every once in a while we get eager American tourists who are willing to experience something new and go on a jet ski tour of Dubrovnik as well as the Elaphiti islands. The story that I am about to tell you is from one of our recent clients who rented a jet ski at our place. To respect the privacy of our clients, we will leave out his name, but we will tell you about all the details that he mentioned.

Our client was looking during the whole summer for a great boat ride. He was thinking of all available options and then at one moment, he realized that if he really wants to do it, he will do it not by boat, but on a jet ski. Since he is from the United States, almost every summer he spends his time, about a week at some lake where they have great waterski activities.

However, this year, he wanted to experience something new. He wanted to go in an unknown direction. He rented a jet ski at our place for a half-day tour. He spent his day with his girlfriend cruising the coast, exploring different caves, and just in general every once in a while would find a place just to jump in the water. One big difference for him was the fact that he got used to driving jet skis on smooth lakes, and this time he was riding them on the open sea. He said that he could feel each wave, but it didn’t bother him since he was laughing all the time.

One big thing concerning our American tourists is the fact that they are all used to water without salt – lakes, etc. Here in the Adriatic, when they fall in the water and feel in their mouth the taste of the water they get a big kick out of the fact that it has salt and it is not tasty at all. He appreciated the fact that we picked up him and his girlfriend by car. He was shocked by the beauty of the city walls which was so amazing to see from the water. He was so surprised to encounter tourists kayaking, people snorkeling and even various swimmers exploring caves.

Later on, when he came back to our jet ski port, we asked him did his girlfriend scream while riding a jet ski, and he said that we guessed it right. We also told him that most of our clients come with the same experience as he did: having his wife or girlfriend scream for quite a while because of a pure adrenaline rush. Later on, he asked us which a great place to eat at is. We told him about a few great hot places where he can have a great meal in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Several weeks later we found his description of his tour in a travel magazine, so we were very proud to have gotten such a wonderful review from him. Thank you.

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