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So, you are not interested to go on a full island tour. Maybe this is not your thing or lifestyle. You are a person who absolutely loves small hidden bays, to lie down under the sun on your towel, get some tan, enjoy the crystal clear water, and not worry about anything. You don’t want to have any responsibilities regarding jet ski rides or even boat rides. Well, we also have something special for you. Just contact us and we will have our speedboat ready for you, and we will take you to your destination. At the moment we have some predetermined routes such as getting our clients to Kolocep, Ston, Lastovo, Vis, Lopud, Mljet, Hvar, Sipan, Korcula, Brac, Split. Our most popular transfer is from Dubrovnik to Hvar and if you are interested we can also stop on the island of Korcula. If you wish to go to any other place we will also take it into consideration and propose you the route plan. Whichever location you choose for whatever reason we still have to point out some location specifics. For example, if we take you to Kolocep, this island is surrounded by crystal clear deep blue turquoise color of the water. The cost itself has many hidden caves. For example, you can also access the Blue Cave. In Ston, you will see something that you probably don’t have in your country – the saltworks which go back in history. They were run by the Republic of Ragusa and the Ottoman Empire. Amazing pieces of history are right in front of your eyes. Lastovo is an island that has great natural beauty and the government is taking special care in preserving its beauty in order to attract tourists each season. In 2006, the island and the surrounding area became recognized as a nature park by the Croatian Government. Vis is the farthest inhabited island from the mainland and about 20% of its surface is covered with vineyards. Lopud is a very small island and it belongs to the Elaphiti Islands. You can reach it by boat from Dubrovnik and this island is known for its many sandy beaches. The Šunj beach is particularly beautiful. Mljet has The National Park of unprecedented beauty. Hvar is known as a huge tourist place in Croatia. It has everything, ranging from beautiful beaches to places to eat and visit. Šipan is the largest island of the Elaphiti Islands. It has great historical must-see places to visit. Also, if you want to see Mediterranean architecture at its finest, then this is the place to visit. If you decide to visit Korčula, maybe you can catch a great festival there where you can play part in the local folk dance known as “Moreška”. Split has become a Croatian tourist mecca and a great place for young people to have fun, and Brač has this amazing beach that you must visit which is known as “Zlatni Rat.” Hey if you don’t believe me how beautiful these places are, just “Google them!”

WATERSPORTS, DUBROVNIK - An adventure of a lifetime.

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